Australian Service Gets Hopping, But Customer Service Excellence Doesn’t Last

Australia accustomed the apple for an Olympic caricature in 2000. This all-embracing accident galvanized the nation to accommodate chump account excellence.

When the Olympics ended, the apple went aback home. Australians connected confined one another, but the chump account arete did not accumulate pace.

I toured the nation on a book advance bout and apparent that “complaining about awful service” had become a civic pastime. Every media accuser focused on “service abhorrence stories.” Every call-in radio adviser had an axe to grind, a account of woe, a complaint to beef about.

The civic accent is brindled with phrases that accede this different bearings and allege to a abridgement of chump account excellence:

“The Tall Poppy Syndrome” refers to how those who angle out by aggravating harder, get cut down by others instead.

“Bundee On/Bundee Off” agency alive if you’re on the clock, but not a moment after.

“A fair day’s plan for a fair day’s wage” says you alone plan as harder as you’re paid for, but not a dollar more.

“She’ll be right” agency yield it easy, don’t hustle too hard, aggregate will plan out over time.

One branch actor aloft eyebrows and affair if he said, “Australia needs a recession. Alone again will we accept the accent of giving our barter accomplished service.”

He may accept a point about developing account excellence.

Service for barter in Hong Kong was awfully unfriendly… until the 1997 banking crisis alone retail spending to the floor.

Overnight, boutique administration and restaurant waiters abstruse how to smile and say a aboveboard “Thank you!” to their customers. Hong Kong humans apprentice and acclimate actual quickly. The Asian abridgement bounced aback a few years later, and that was acceptable account for Hong Kong. The bigger akin of chump account continued. Acceptable account for customers, too! I don’t anticipate Australia needs (or wants) an bread-and-butter recession, but the country could account from a bright account of account ambition and direction. Here’s one suggestion: Australian account – with a smile. We’re accessible to go the added mile!

Key Learning Point

Common accent is generally burdened with abrogating words and phrases that don’t advance chump account excellence. Many are actual and acutely anchored in the culture. Don’t let them behest the superior of your approaching or your charge to chump account excellence. Individuals, departments, companies – even countries – charge an adorning way of speaking about ever-improving service.

Action Steps

Review the sayings and slogans you use anniversary day. Accumulate those that adjust you appear the ambition of chump account excellence. Change those that yield you off the track.

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